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In addition to my individual style, I am working on another direction, which I attribute to the national flavor and its motives. This creativity was based on the Georgian writing and symbolism, which I modernized and gave it a certain form of narration. I put the developed fonts into an ornamental composition, creating a stylish abstraction for the viewer.

At first glance, it seems that the letters are arranged in a synchronous order, however, if you look closely and find the beginning, you will notice that a text idea is hidden in each picture. These can be poems, songs, descriptions of feelings, a historical event, legend, alphabet, phrases, quotes, etc.

Black is traditional and trademark for me. But if in the previous style it was used as a border for bright colors, then in this direction the black color is the background, on which not so bright, but, nevertheless, harmonious colors that are combined with each other are already applied.

Shamugia 2021